My clients have generously shared their experience working with me but due to the personal and sensitive nature of our work, only first names are being used to protect their privacy.

{"A friend recommended Cecelia to me, She said, “You won’t be disappointed!” How many times do you hear that? Let me tell you,  Cecelia was just the right person to help me negotiate the Medicare enrollment system. We talked for quite some time about what my needs are now and what they might be in the future. Cecelia listened to me patiently, explained how the system works and (for me) the importance of trying to make the right decision during the 6-month Medigap Open Enrollment period. I feel she helped me make the correct choice and I could never have gotten through it without her help. I would not hesitate to recommend Cecelia to anyone getting ready to join Medicare! Thank you so much, Cecelia, and we look forward to your assistance when it’s time for my wife to enroll.”

  • Gregory G

{Working with Cecelia to figure out my Medicare choices was an excellent decision. After an entire working life with "gold-plated" insurance I approached the entire Medicare experience with a fair amount of trepidation. Cecelia, patiently and expertly, guided me through the entire process, listened carefully and respectfully to my concerns and worked out a course of action for me. Her professionalism and demeanor made the process seamless and her explanations were helpful in understanding options and choosing plans. I would commend her expertise to someone setting off on this path or to someone who needs an annual review.

Highly recommended!

  • Don W

{As a respected friend & colleague in the music biz, Cecelia was recommended by a musician friend to facilitate our medical supplemental coverage. Having experienced major problems accessing general Medicare coverage, I was anxiety ridden. Working with Cecelia made for a relaxing, stress-free experience. My issues were particularly complex dealing with both Medicare reinstatement & Cobra coverage.

Cecelia clearly explained coverage options accessing both Medicare supplemental & prescription drug plans directly. Her specific knowledge was invaluable in a maze of confusing rules. Her follow-up to detail to ensure all was engaging properly was thorough. Accessing coverage on my own would have been a nightmare. A bonus perk for our daughter was Cecelia's personal introduction to a facilitator friend at the Actors Fund. Many thanks for an excellent experience all around!

  • Michele K


When my union stopped providing health insurance for seniors, I didn't know where to begin; it all seemed too confusing and overwhelming to tackle.  Fortunately, a friend referred me to Cecelia Hobbs Gardner.  She invested several hours on the phone with me, combing through and explaining my options, posing questions about my health coverage needs to help me identify the right plan for me.  She helped me decide on the wisdom of a dental plan and got me the best policy for prescription coverage as well. Cecelia was patient and supportive throughout--there was no question or detail too small for her. I never felt like I was working with an insurance agent, someone trying to sell me something. I felt like I was working with a caring friend.  I don't know how I would have navigated the challenges of transitioning from my employer coverage without her help.  I will happily send anyone who is looking for help with health coverage to her. Thank you, Cecelia!

  • Jill L.


I called Cecelia for help on the last day and during the last possible hours of finding a new insurance carrier. The yearly deadline was in a few short hours. She returned my call within ten minutes and we made an appointment for a Zoom session as soon as she could be available. We spent two solid productive hours together, resulting at last in what looks like a tremendous improvement and price over my previous year's policy. She was extremely comfortable to be with. She could have overtly or subtly made me feel embarrassed for looking for professional guidance at absolute zero hour. But she was humorous, gracious, and almost made it fun. I would highly recommend Cecelia and her services to anyone who needs assistance with their health insurance.

  • William K.

{Cecelia was recommended to me by a longtime colleague, and now I can happily recommend her to anyone stressing over their Medicare and prescription drug choices. Cecelia is kind and patient and supremely well informed, and somehow manages to make an insanely complex system a little less daunting. You will never doubt that she is committed to finding what works best for you. I am especially thankful for all the time she spent trying to track down a plan that covered a specialty drug that was prescribed to me. I plan an annual check-up with Ms. Hobbs Gardner.

  • Ronnie S.

{Cecelia is a pleasure to work with! She broke down the available options in detail, and took all the time necessary to tailor a solution specifically to my needs. Her knowledge and expertise in the field are massive, and she patiently answered my roughly one million questions. Thanks to Cecelia's guidance I feel very confident in having made the best choices. Thank you!

  • Henry A.

{It was great talking to Cecelia about the process of choosing the right Medicare coverage. Things became much more focused and clear as our conversation progressed. She explained everything in plain, simple to understand terms and was of great help in soothing my anxiety about making the right decisions. Also, very useful to me, she made me aware of timelines regarding applications for the different programs available.  Many thanks and we will keep in touch as circumstances change in the future!

  • Sebu S.

{The Medicare system is so complicated and overwhelming, and the stakes feel very high in terms of making the right decision. Cecelia understands the complexities and helped guide us through different scenarios, looking at the positives and negatives of each plan. It’s a tedious process, but Cecelia was able to help us navigate the overwhelming number of choices, for which we are very grateful! She was patient, knowledgeable and caring, and there was never any pressure to “buy” a particular product or anything remotely like that. Cecelia just carefully guided us by asking us the right questions and knowing what would suit our needs. My husband and I would highly recommend Cecelia to anyone looking for an excellent guide through the Medicare quagmire.

  • Sue L.

{What can I say about Cecelia Hobbs Gardner? Well, first off she is versed in what she does. She was patient as she walked me through the various choices offered to me as plans. Cecelia explained, with clarity, and answered my every question and if she did not have the answer in that instant, she went and found answers. She is not your average agent. I found her professional AND personable. We talked, we shared laughs, and she took care of me in a way that makes me want to tell all of my friends who are about to enter the Medicare age to seek out her counsel. I am comfortable and confident in the choices I made due to Cecelia’s generous and diligent work. And there you have it. I did not over-praise nor gild the lily. Cecelia is wonderful. I am grateful and thankful for her.

  • Keith S.

{If you are looking for a patient and extremely knowledgeable professional to assist you with Medicare options, look no further. Cecelia has assisted me on three separate occasions. Each time she took the time to research the options that would best match my needs. She was patient and reassuring. Most recently, I decided to navigate on my own (will never do that again). Cecelia was quick to uncover a HUGE mistake I made and saved me from losing a great benefit. Medicare insurance can be very confusing to the untrained individual. Cecelia uses her experience to guide you through the process, helping you to make the right choice. I feel relieved that I reached out to her and rest easy knowing that my option was the best one that fit my needs. I will continue to use Cecelia in the future and HIGHLY recommend her service!

  • Kelly M.

{Cecelia Hobbs Gardner has been a longtime colleague of mine in the New York musical world. She has always impressed me with her intelligence, caring attitude and upbeat personality. When I needed advice about my Medicare coverage, I had a consultation with her. Her extensive knowledge of the subject combined with clear and easy explanations helped guide me to the decision that was best for me. I give Cecelia my highest recommendation. You will not be disappointed!

  • Maureen H.

{I am sure I am not the only one who finds navigating the Medicare world somewhat bewildering. Is Medicare enough? Should I get a supplemental plan? If so, which plan is right for me so that I can feel comfortably protected? Within 24 hours of contacting Cecelia Hobbs Gardner, not only did I know what I needed, Cecelia had seen to it that I actually had what I needed. She patiently explained my options, answered my questions and laid out a very sensible, well considered plan of action that was just right for me. My insurance anxiety has abated and I feel well protected, thanks to Cecelia.

  • Rick F.

{With a number of questions about my prescription drug plan, I scheduled an appointment with Cecelia who graciously spent time walking me through my options. Even though she could have sold me a different plan, she determined the plan I had in place was the best for my needs. Above all, Cecelia works tirelessly to provide her clients with the best possible service and satisfaction. For many of us, it is a daunting process navigating the many choices available. Cecelia is someone you can trust absolutely to find what is best for you. She is genuinely delightful, very knowledgeable, and I am so grateful for her guidance. I highly recommend her!

  • Jane T.

{Cecelia helped me to not only sign up for Medicare part A, but she helped me work through the very complicated decisions around part B. She is service oriented, and thoroughly informed. And, not only that, she provides information in a way that is understandable and helps to cut through the anxiety that comes along with governmental red tape. You cannot go wrong with Cecelia. I highly recommend her!

  • Mary M.

{I found myself utterly overwhelmed trying to navigate the Medicare morass. Though I’d pretty much arrived at what I THOUGHT would be the right way to go for me, I still had a million questions. Finding Cecelia was a godsend. I knew right away I was in good hands — capable, knowledgeable, exacting, thorough, clear, and genuinely invested in finding the right plans for me and my needs. She really went the extra mile to make sure everything I needed was in place. She was also a complete delight to work with. I recommend her enthusiastically and wholeheartedly to anyone grappling with this crazy system.

  • Anne C.

{Cecelia Hobbs Gardner is a treasure. When my husband and I lost my union insurance, through no fault of our own, we felt lost and abandoned. Through a miracle of some kind, Cecelia stepped into our lives and worked tirelessly with us to find the perfect replacement insurance that included all of our doctors and which did not drain our back accounts in the process. She addressed all of our questions with time, attention and care and we are very happy with our new insurance. We have recommended Cecelia to others who have also had the same experience. We will always consult with her in the future, no matter what our needs or changing conditions. She is our guide, and there are just not enough words of praise for the work she does and the loving attitude she brings to her clients. She's FIVE STAR!

  • Deborah W.

{When the pandemic shut down all of the entertainment industry work in NYC, I realized that I was going to lose my union health insurance coverage after more than 40 years. I had no idea what the next steps should be. But I met with Cecelia and she guided me through my enrollment in Medicare Part B and helped me evaluate additional coverage options. She is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of Medicare and made it very easy to understand. She took the anxiety out of the the whole process and made it very enjoyable. Cecelia is the perfect person to call to help you navigate the ins and outs of Medicare and choose the best plans for your individual situation. She is excellent.

  • Earl G.

{I found Cecelia's services to be perfect for my entry into Medicare and all its ramifications. She was extremely well-organized, made excellent suggestions geared to my particular needs without pushing anything, and was a calming presence to boot. Without question, a five star rating.

  • David H.

{Thank you, Cecelia, for your knowledgeable insight into navigating the Medicare MAZE. When I asked you to explain it all to me as if I were in the 8th grade, you managed to do so and still gave me all the necessary information! You are the BEST!!

  • Jackie P.

{Cecelia explained the Medicare application process clearly and without jargon, breaking it all down so that a novice like myself could understand. She was patient and empathetic, and after talking with her I was no longer fearful about applying for Medicare. I recommend her enthusiastically to anyone!

  • Rachel T.

{She’s the best! She researched different prescription drug plans that would fit my wife and me and found a plan that is saving us a lot of money. I highly recommend Cecelia Hobbs Gardner for your insurance needs!

  • Bill P.