When my union stopped providing health insurance for seniors, I didn’t know where to begin; it all seemed too confusing and overwhelming to tackle. Fortunately, a friend referred me to Cecelia Hobbs Gardner. She invested several hours on the phone with me combing through and explaining my options and posing questions about my health coverage needs to help me identify the right plan for me. She helped me decide on the wisdom of a dental plan and got me the best policy for prescription coverage as well. Cecelia was patient and supportive throughout–there was no question or detail too small for her. I never felt like I was working with an insurance agent, someone trying to sell me something. I felt like I was working with a caring friend. I don’t know how I would have navigated the challenges of transitioning from my employer coverage without her help. I will happily send anyone who is looking for help with health coverage to her. Thank you, Cecelia!