CHGInsurance Services

CHG Insurance Services

I am an independent, licensed Life and Health insurance agent dedicated to helping Medicare beneficiaries find coverage that is well matched to their medical and financial needs.

That may sound ambitious but I assure you that it is possible to find a plan that can provide peace of mind while you pursue your interests and take good care of your health. Whether you enjoy staying close to your home area or traveling throughout the U.S., I want you to feel confident that your medical needs can be covered no matter where you are. Maybe you split your time between two homes in different states or you vacation for an extended time each year outside of your state … there are options available. And if you are a world traveler, there are plans that cover health emergencies outside of the U.S. as well.

The range of comprehensive Medicare coverage options allows many people more flexibility than they have ever had before. But you may need help reviewing and evaluating those options. My goal is to make this process less daunting and more “friendly” than you ever imagined. That’s where I shine!

I believe that the hardest part of your Medicare journey is getting started and, most importantly, starting at the right time. I am here to help you from the beginning of your Medicare journey until you find the coverage that is best suited to you. At CHG Insurance Services, consistent and excellent customer service, prompt response time and focused attention on you are my top priorities.

Quotes from my CLIENTS

Quotes from my CLIENTS