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My Path to Medicare

Cecelia Hobbs Gardner

I am the owner of CHG Insurance Services and a licensed Life and Health insurance agent. I thought you might want to know a little about who I am and why I think you would want to work with me to secure your Medicare insurance coverage.

I have traveled a non-traditional career path but feel like everything I have done has contributed in a meaningful way to finding myself here. I have been a professional freelance violinist working, primarily, in New York City since I graduated with a Master of Music degree from The Juilliard School. I have enjoyed a very successful career—playing many Broadway shows, classical music concerts, in New York ballet orchestras, and in the many recording studios in NYC. I also have been fortunate to work with major stars on tour around the world. But I wanted to add something to those experiences to challenge myself. So, I attended law school and became a practicing attorney for entertainment-focused companies as well as at The Juilliard School. Along the way, my own personal family story intervened and I became very interested in healthcare for Seniors and how challenging it can be to secure the best and most affordable coverage.

I eventually transitioned to work as a Health Benefits Specialist at an entertainment industry nonprofit and found my “calling”. I specialized in Medicare counseling and enrollment and realized that I can do some of my most important work helping people to find Medicare insurance coverage that is customized to their medical and financial needs and well-matched to their personal lifestyle. When I wanted to expand my client base, I started CHG Insurance Services, which allows me the freedom to work with anyone (in the states where I am licensed) who needs help navigating the Medicare “maze”.

I believe that the hardest part of your Medicare journey is getting started and, most importantly, starting at the right time. I am here to help. Please contact CHG Insurance Services for consultation and enrollment services, at no cost to you.


from my clients

My clients have generously shared their experience working with me but due to the personal and sensitive nature of our work, only first names are being used to protect their privacy.